die frau meines lebens

I did for Issue 11/16 Die Frau meines Lebens kind of all the illustrations for the sz-magazin.
The whole issue is based on women, men fell for.

like it or not.

here you can see all the headlines I wrote
and here the headlines in action, due to copyright issues I changed the head of the P-Maff. shot by talented Julian Baumann
this is my favourite, it´s about a pianoplayer who loves his piano named Lulu, hammering those ass-keys
this article is about the maximum amount of children you can create in your lifetime as a man and how many women you need to make that miracle of birth come true
here a guy hides in the web as a girl to put up dates with men, finding out about sexual harassment
this is an interview with a former IS-fighter that bought a woman and then escaped the madness with/for her