infas is an institute for sozialwissenschaften and prints now and then a publication called lagemaß, which deals with one topic. it is black and white, drowning in information, so they always put a colourful picture-part in the middle of the magazine. this time I did for the topic verweigerung
8 pages what i think about it. 
nice job. 
nice people.
nice planet.

f.E. gisela verwhygers altern = facelift, the doctor verwhygers truth (sieht gut aus) = moneymaking
f.E. otto verwhygers physikalic groundlaws (schwerkraft) = lernt fliegen (f o r t s c h r i t t)
f.E. günther verwhygers fortschritt(internet) = he isn´t gläsern, günther back in steinzeit verwhygers fortschritt(fire) = brrr, kalt
f.E. priest verwhygers trieb (zölibat) = der herr hat geileres mit mir vor