plakatatak was initiated by lovely Rene Wawrzkiewicz and brave Lars no Harmsen for the Goethe Institut Warszawa.
concept was bringing together five polish and five german creatives to do posters on texts from one polish and one german author. 
the briefing was create DIN A1 picture in black/white. they printed it then on neon colour paper and the posters were hung in the streets of warszawa.

I had a great time in ostblock with very kind people.

read more about it here

this is about how village´s population shrinks like a balloon and the future deflates
this is about how old and new should work together. a granny helps the child climbing into the tree that is a whole of the wifi. treeclimbing (oldschool) browsing retardstyle on your smartphone (newschool)
this is about cycling in cities, the bossy car holds a fragile bicykle, like a butterfly
this is about europe and how the brexit and all the populism these days shakes it
this is about how public places and buildings get privatised. a birdcage and the public authoritie´s hand still feeds the bird