Book Of Bock

hello beoble. so this is your chance to get a copy of my first monograph. you can buy it through official canals like from amazone or the publisher's shop OR you buy it straight from here, my homepage, where you are now.
some facts about the book:  
160 pages, full colour filling them with my words and pictures about being myself doing that illustrations that i do.  why becoming an illustrator, how to get jobs, how to keep up being motivated when it becomes a dayjob and all that i was able to write down in english. 
cover: hardcover 
format: 210x260 mm 
language: english =(   

by the way, this book got a werkpreis at the hans-meid-stiftung. that is just great, right?

find out yourself if it is price-worthy and get your copy in a couple of werktage here:
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