Credo Liveticker

my oecumenical contribution for this shaky world.credo is a catholic addition to german newspapersonce a year, i think. i don't know, i am not catholic, but did these undenominational illustrations for several facts about our society.

every third edelfish im handel is truly a billigere fish. so a nice premium karpfen ends up being a rollmops in disguise. people infect themselves with hospital-germs each year. excuse me, is that a rat underneath your mask, doc?
68% of workers productive time, they have to spent in warteschleifen, just like a gespraech that is waiting for the bus taking it to the angerufene person.
those holidays are the least clicks to find on porn websites. they did not even watched "romance wasn't built on one day".
a dog playing with a dirty schuldenberg, borrowed dirt to play with, so the hole is even bigger, whatever that means.
eight out of ten toys are toxic. licking cheap lego or smoking cigarettes, remember the 50s?
during a surgery in 2009 some doctors forgot 16 items in the patient's body. or were they rehearsing the rotkaeppchen and the wolf play?
british reporters intercepted for years the mobiles of over 700 politicians, celebs and crime-victims to find something worth writing about in the sun.