Piep Ei


That´s what I named that great boiling tool from brainstream
I had kind of a very free hand on this, except the songselection, the midi-versions of my favs weren´t available. 
still works out.

as long as you get a dip-döp-dip-döp-dip-döp-dip-döddii-döp-dip-döp-dip-döp-dip-diddi-döp-dip-döp-dip-diddö-döp-dip-döp--- (liquido/narcotic)

go get your peepy ei here

that´s the - i would say web-based pappaufsteller (det-döddö- AHAh -dö-dät-dö...)
this is the version on the market.
actually this is a more female version i did, didn´t seem to look very powerselling.