Scheiss Schule

I made several Illustrations printed on nice paper, as you can´t detect on that scans, you can not take the touch out of a nice feeling, but seriously as some great poet once said "can´t touch this". you can touch the screen though, but as you maybe have realized since the whole internet came up, licking the screen doesn´t really do it for you, I hope. if so, you are quite welcome.
anyway, so imagine you hold this in your hands, then you would say "nice paper". 
The Stern Extra was about the german schoolsystem and pupils, trying to understand those young modern screen-lickers.

showing germany and the schoolsystems for every state
starting with the theory how "they up there" want the system to work
but that does not really work exactly how "they up there" have planned in long evenings with fancy fresh catering "up there"
every state and their systems in a kinda clean version
hmm, what was it again with the g8?
that´s the other part about the development of kids during the ages (here before puberty), kids are zappelphillips, boys like climbing trees while the girls dress up like fairies (stereotypes, sorry but true), understanding the world in a sandbox
puberty sets in, body gets schlacksy, checking peer-groups to join, definately not the own family
puberty II, girls explore their allure, teenagers are often tired, especially if they hang out with "the outsiders"