Du und Demokratie

you and democracy

The swiss embassy berlin and the Studentenforum des Tönnissteiner Kreises called for entries for a writing competition for young students from germany/switzerland/austria about democracy. 
The three winners won picture material, means, the winnertexts got illustrated by the fantastic serafine frey, the magical 44flavours and by the stumpf me.
The results went on tour around the blocks.

My illustration is based on the text "Demokratie - Tanz der leeren Worte und trotzige Hoffnung" of Beat Ospelt.
Great text, where Beat puts democracy on stage in a circus. reizgas-flower-clowns, lobby-dobby-duh, justittiestia-hochseil-bear and stuff y´know what I´m talkn boud,
democreate this.