Several posters I made long time ago, when I had time for screenprinting.

smoking was always appealing to my work. this print I made 2009. each colour is a period of time I drew between two cigarettes. so I smoked started drawing until my desire for the next cigarette won against pen
this pattern is kind of what I do when I have nothing on my mind. So I didn´t have something on my mind for quite a while and printed this in school...
...and then I freaked out when I saw the rapportier-facility in my school and bought 25m of fabric and printed it with this pattern. I sew bags of it and gave them to friends and family
berlin-based silkscreen-studio pony pedro did an exhibition with works of also berlin-based people telling their thoughts. always on my mind are daily fears, like jesus and disease and racists and apocalypse and resources and...out came a collage of my fears in three catchy colours. I printed 50 signed copies in their studio
my art-school bully prinz pi asked me to participate in his neopunk exhibition along his record release. 3 artists came up with silkscreen posters. This and I were one of it