Several Recordsleeves I made for people who play trumpets and stuff.

PR 110. this guy called torky tork remixed sounds of an eastgerman tv-show. mord and totbeat.
I did the stuff on the "schuber" for rico repotentes promo-cd. i really like mr profi guitarrero
and because I like Rico Repotento, I did "dust on the halo" for him aswell
illustrations / artwork for the album "the big shapes" of the berlin based band called naomi
first single-auskoppling
second single-auskoppling
this is my work for the interesting amos event. many people just design one sleeve for the record and it's gonna be a named price by the artists what they think their unique design is worth. because i am on vacation right now i have minimal possibilities what makes this record cheap but i had fun
The Real Schmidt - die besten schuhe ?
MRI - Take Care Not Acid
a good friend of mine named elias is from sweden and there a musician and I did the artwork for his first album. strange. band doesn´t exist anymore. future was full of gold, when I did the cover, now elias doesn´t perform anymore. that makes me sad
and a single