exhibition vallery gallery 2011. my friends from hort invited some friends to participate on their exhibition in barcelona. they created a band, named hort-band. three crazy custume characters playing free jazz. allowed was anything, it just had to be influenced by the hort band mythology. 
so my piece (installation) is this called:


I focussed on the music-biz, ruined by downloading for FREE.

that's the original artwork, i drawed in a couple of hours by hand on paper (size 100x70cm). a lot of work, like it is for the "musicians" to get a record done and in the end it is 19,99 EUR in the shop, so this original piece costs in the gallery as much as an analogue record: 19,99EUR. hell that is not much money to pay for so much work, is it? i draw the hort_band characters, "re-interpretated" by me, the "musician". just like in music. they copy aka "are influenced by" all the already existing music. the band is hanging on the gallows pole, but not in a dead form, they fly upside down still playing their instruments: "you cannot kill good music". not even your good conscience on the internet in shape of the hangman. - sold
now it gets interesting. this is what mr torrent put together. the original artwork is downscaled to DIN A3. like digitalising the original music and making small mp3s out of it. when you download music you load from different "users" small pieces, that's why this piece here is cut and arranged. it is fucked up. the quality sucks. it is black and white instead of the colourful original and it appears in bad quality, but it is for free, man. so this piece is what you get from the torrentreactor. mr torrent "uploads" it, by putting this piece onto the server aka copier. this piece costs 968,-EUR, what is the penalty for downloading an album if they catch you. so you decide: get the original artwork for 19,99EUR or you pay 968,-EUR for that copy. this also implements the fact that you can't really make money anymore with records, as long as they don't catch "downloaders". (actually i really like the copy-template, more than the original) on this template the hort-characters aren't flying anymore. they are dead. they hang on the pole and the text underneath changed to music is dead. so the whole torrent procedure killed the original artwork.
this is how my piece will be presented at the gallery. you have the original artwork for 19.99EUR on the wall. in front of it is the "torrent-reactor", a copier with a sign saying: torrent-reactor. here is the template "uploaded", what means it is in the copier. when you press the "download"-button you get a copy for free. the signs are on DIN A3, but the type is 72dpi (you can't really get it on that pic) to get the feeling of digital abuse. there is also a list, where the gallery-vistors can sign in their email for premium-membership. i will write them occasional spam-emails with drawings or other stupidity.
so this is the the DIN A3 piece, the visitors can download for free in the gallery. cool concept, huh?