magazine of the bundeszentral for political buildung each issue is dealing with a main topic like people, or air, or religion, or friendship, or family, or videotext, actually how much is the price for an add on videotext.

propaganda, the way we talk to win a conversation
the cover for the "genetics" issue
genetics and getting big while staring at a coke or staying slime despite trans-fat-overdosing
genetics and making moskitos less dangerous by exchanging their trunk to a condomtrunk
genetics and reproducing. with gene-enhancement it is possible to get the best out of you gene-pool. like a dick singing sperm in a sound studio and the producer mixes it to a hitsingle
genetics and food, by cloning one cow to hundred copies
genetics and crimesolving. dna-evidence can draw a very accurate picture of the perpetrator
genetics and inheriting issues. violance, obesity, homosexuality, baldness,intelligence
Sound of Citys I did the centerfold illustration for the City-issue. cities, that had an impact on music-development with their own new sound and wrote music-history
family different forms of familytrees: gay parents
divorced papa is a pomm fritz and we are a burger
i am adopted
i have a guestbrother from outer space/france
Sprache reanimation of a celtic language
Arbeit - Cover
Arbeit about doing business from suburbia with global players like china
drugs and their laws