That was some nice workshop  at FH-Düsseldorf. I decided to make an offline workshop. being an illustrator means checking google to get a nice vorlage. back in the days that wasn´t possible. so you had to use your imagination. and this makes the results so hilarious and special. who is jabba? the students had to write down a name and put it in a bowl. then pick one and draw it. 2nd step: they had to write down a do-word. put it in the bowl and pick again. so they had a name and a do-word. draw that.  3rd step: write down an object. so they had subject do-word object, a sentence, like illustrators get for briefings. so they had to draw that even if they have no connection to it. the results were pretty funny without using the internet for visual information.  4th step: type the picked words into google, take one result and draw it.  i edited this zine showing the offline result on the left page and the google-version on the right page. enjoy some of my favs on this page, but:  rock off.

haha, check the dickalike-belly. and the triangle. haha. so good.
this guy said he can´t draw. his very unique drawings made me laugh the most. he draw also alf. that one i can´t show. it is too good to be wasted online.
hahaha, that´s my favourite. i mean, who doesn´t know what dolph looks like? haha. it is so good.
haha, who the fakt is jabba? aah, ok that guy from star warsch...