Bockumenta 1

for the release of my book the publisher allowed me to have an exhibition at the gestalten space
I sat down for two weeks and drew and painted anything related to the book of bock.

many thanks for alle meine people who came and especially to Iris Hempelmann, who knew that it is all about the right framing.

see pictures of the opening here.

I do not have photos of all the bw-pieces but regarding those pictures I show here:

sorry for the bad quality and content, what can I do...

the poster
and in the heart of the exhibition around fifty b/w-drawings 50cm x 50 cm
some were sold, some not, huh
sold, I know that, because that is my favourite
80 x 100, - sold
80 x 100
80 x 100, crappy quality
100 x 100, - sold
100 x 100
100 x 100, - sold
70 x 50, -verschenkt / -behalten
90 x 120
90 x 120