hotel unicorn

diffferent, a strategy-agency created a new space in their studio and asked me to do whatever I like to do.
Since I was drawing too much 2D I liked the idea of working with a room and its physical facts. 
And my desire for working with wood and saw made me create a wooden font or installation for their working motto "create and prevent stratagic surprise".

C O N C E P T:
is appearing very creatively, right?

is inverted, as a opposite of create, because preventing isn´t allowed in being creative. 

is a mixture of inverted and created letters on chessboard-like (of course, it´s strategy) squares.

is kinda hidden, because it is blue letters on the corporate blue walls.
but the threads in two colours, one for create, one for prevent, are spinning and leading through all the letters.
so the connection of create and prevent makes suprisingly surprise readable.

the pictures suck, blame apple.

that´s the wall
the letters are about 25cm high
wow, isn´t that fun, is it?
prevent, inverted, nice dramatic angle
the chessboardletters with the dancing thread
part of the surprise