70 jahre der spiegel

If only my grandmother, who actually died silently while reading the spiegel, could have seen these pages I did for the anniversary issue 01/2017.

Several collages about what happened in the spiegel since the 40ies.

this is for the content page
the changes of the nation since the spiegel started. my fav is the mauerspecht-omma
the spiegel reporting on cold war. my fav is the baby-bundeswehr adenauer is giving machinegun-pacifier
the sixties or the provocative new generations through the generations
spiegel reporting about terror since the 70ies. my fav is the isis-gaffer holding the brightener
the 80s and the environment
the wall came down, refugees came the republic grows in man colours, it´s a shame that braun is in there
the new digital life since millenium, my fav is the mother putting her baby to the ear and trying to calm down the iStroller
reporting on idols in sport and all the intrigue
this illustration is about the long time ambivalent friendship between augstein and enzensberger, who wrote a lot of stuff for the spiegel after augstein hired him for his brutal critics on the spiegel