Der Zusammenhang

this project was done on one single piece 60cmx80cm (shown on the first pic) at Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee.
the story of the russian writer tells about a hidden connection of all the named characters to each other they don´t know about. 
I´ve decided to adapt this plot into a city, where everything somehow belongs to each other, where a little turning causes more than you may think. 
the map grows like the story on every page and after a while beside the main story some others appear on each page. after drawing the first "scene" I scanned the page and afterward I drew the next page, scanned it again... 
so there is just the final analogue piece with erased parts where things happened the rest of the former pages are digitalized and shown in the book.

not published yet, maybe because I am really bad in describing it.

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