Mit Links + Analog

the badass people from projektil weimar asked me to appear in their 2011 bauhaus-weimar-guest-teacherslist. i sayed yes after some deep thinking. i never thought of teaching students, especially right after finishing school. but, then again i thought, this is the rock n'roll life of an illustrator. travelling, hanging in hotelrooms, getting drunk on principal's account... anyway. i made up a workshop about drawing lefthanded, trusting your subconsciousness, the beauty of failure and went for a week getting a feel for teaching. that was horrible. but i met lovely people down in lloret wei mar and in the end we put together a very nice book showing some results of the workshop. some very talented schdudies down there.

i arranged and edited the material and the people down in weimar printed it in two colours with a risograph.

mille baci to christian, patrick and berit from projektil for being such multo fantastico hosts and humans.

120 Pages
60 Copies
completely done lefty