Go Skate Or Go Home

as you can see in the video above, I used to skate back then, when my back was still elastic like babypoo.
in those days it was my dream to create my own boarddesign one day. 
now, since I can bend like a trojan horse and if I skate once a year and live for months with the consequences when my wirble flys out, yes, now, I can put two designs on my list thanks to Markus Lange, the superfriendly founder of leipzigbased beyond clctve 07.

so I can´t use the boards but imagine myself riding them on the only video I got of me skating up there in 2001.

video by Lars Böhnke
music by Jon Bon Giorno

©beyond clctve
the whole concept is based on a very special skatevideo I saw in the nineties called "mouse" by girl. it had a big impact on the skatescene and a lot of picnic-tables in it. we were always measuring how high that tables were the pros did tricks on. so i put that seat of the table to mark the height and then some arrows how high my tricks are commenting how bad I am in skateboarding compared to the girl team get the board here
©beyond clctve
another concept illustration about the rules of how to skate a beyond skateboard showing a list, what tricks shouldn´t be done and suggestions what to buy instead. get the board here