5 stifte hin+rückfahrt

My new friend Lars Harmsen asked me to participate on his next project 100for10, where several nice people make zines for a very affordable price.

"Equipped with no time but 5 pens and a sketchbook I took the pleasent trainride with the InterCityExpress back and forth from Berlin to Dortmund and put this book together. I haven´t used sketchbooks in ages, so it was quite fun, some illustrations are representing that, some don´t, but what do I care, it´s 10 Euros for 100 pages done in 7 hours, so it´s 1,43 Euro per hour, minus printing-costs, minus I haven´t talked about if I get any money at all, but that isn´t what this book about. I´m happy just to get ripped off, but at least holding something printed again in my hand. It is very german, because I am german and my english is as good as this text and this text took me same time like creating half of this book, so better go with it, if you were geil enough to buy it. Thank you."

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